UI/UX, PROTOTYPING, Wireframing, ICON DESIGN, Website Redesign

OVERVIEW: I got the super cool opportunity to team up with one of Magic the Gathering’s highest traffic content-producing websites. The site was getting a bit dated—primarily in the mobile department—so they hired me to deliver a complete overhaul of the website user interface with a strong focus on the mobile user experience. Due to the sheer size of the website, I built out one page "template" at a time—wireframing, prototyping, and delivering high-fi responsive designs for each page.

CHALLENGES: With millions of monthly visitors, it was very important that we hit the target for both new and returning users. Placing the majority of important content in similar screen locations was a must—in order to keep returning users happy. At the same time, there were several changes we had to make to improve the user experience and emphasize CTA’s, premium memberships, and email subscriptions for new users. It was a rewarding task finding that healthy balance to ensure the website continues generating more revenue while keeping loyal users happy and creating an enjoyable/understandable user experience for new visitors.

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